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Wilhelmina Graff


From team: “Wilhelmina Graff was first introduced to ultimate on the sidelines of her dad’s pickup games. In 2013, she helped start a girls’ ultimate team in Salt Lake City and a mixed ultimate team at her high school, both of which she captained. She garnered five Utah All-State player selections during that time and led the mixed team to a high school state championship. In 2018, she competed with the U20 Mexico National team in the World Juniors Ultimate Championships, and in 2019, Graff was on the U24 Mexico National team.

In college, Graff gained widespread recognition as a talented and intense player. Her skills as a do-it-all handler and lockdown defender landed her First Team All-Region selections in 2022 and 2023. She was also invited to try out for the US national U24 team. When she’s not with Ramona, Graff has played with the PUL’s Portland Rising and the club team Boston Sprocket. In 2023, she attended Club National Championships with Sprocket and is currently captaining the team.

Above all, Ramona values the leadership and heart that Graff brings to the field. Graff has been on Ramona for four years, including captaining between 2021 and 2023. During that time, she’s shared her knowledge of and passion for ultimate with many teammates. Her infectious energy, unwavering loyalty, and deep love for her team are just some of the qualities that make her a cherished teammate and respected opponent. Yale Ramona is proud to nominate Wilhelmina Graff for this award.”

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