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Tufts University

Megan Lam


From team: “Edi started their ultimate career at Tufts as a first year. Since then, they have played for club teams including Siege and Brute Squad. They won club nationals with Brute in 2023. These past 4 years they have grown exponentially as a player so much so that no one would know they started playing in college. One could say they are a defensive weapon who will cook you to the front cone. Off the field, Edi is the best kind of teammate you could ask for- the kind where instead of going to practice with your teammate you feel like you’re just playing ultimate with your friend. Edi loves the EWO and once said “I am going to be that alumni who stays around Tufts just so I can support the EWO.” We are sad they’re leaving soon, but we are so proud to nominate them for the Callahan award and excited to have one last dance with Edi.”