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Stanford University

Macy Vollbrecht


From team: “Macy “Bootes” Vollbrecht is the physical manifestation of grit and grace. Bootes has been a part of Superfly since our 2022 season, immediately stepping up to become a leader both on and off the field. Having played at University of Minnesota for two years as an undergrad, she came to Stanford as a PhD student with the ultimate IQ, field sense, and poise of a well-seasoned player, becoming an integral part of a team that defied expectations.

Stepping into the role of captain in her second year on the team, Bootes has continued to shape our team culture with unshakable class, precision, and spirit for the past two seasons. Even while drawing the toughest matchups in the division, she has incredible mental fortitude, and brings a sense of calm to the field even while under intense pressure. She is an absolute beast in our zone defense, guarding the deep space with no mercy, a feat that led her to collect 15 blocks at the 2023 College Championships, the most out of any team that made the bracket. She was chosen as the runner-up for Defensive Player of the Year in 2023, but no accolade can show the true contribution that Bootes makes to Superfly: she is the backbone of our game, a fearless leader, and a genuine team player. We couldn’t be more grateful for the years she has spent with us and are so proud to have her as our 2024 Callahan nominee.”

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