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University of California-Santa Barbara

Julia Hasbrook


From team: “With a strong foundation in youth ultimate, Julia showcased her early potential and dedication to the sport as a member of the 2019 Seattle YCC Champion team.

In 2021, Julia’s prowess on the field was recognized nationally when she was honored as the second runner-up Rookie of the Year. Her competitive excellence continued to be acknowledged as she was named to the All-American Second Team twice, underscoring her consistent performance and skill level at national competitions.

Julia was selected for the Southwest All-Region Team the past two seasons, which highlights her dominance and respected status in one of the country’s most competitive ultimate frisbee regions.

Her leadership skills were further cemented as she has captained the Burning Skirts during the 2023-2024 season.

Aside from her competitive accolades, Julia has also contributed significantly to the growth of the sport. She co-founded a youth club ultimate team, demonstrating her commitment to expanding the ultimate community.”