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Pennsylvania State University

Haley Young


From team: “Haley Young (AKA Slayley) was first introduced to ultimate at Elizabethtown College and grew a love for the game during her four years there. In 2019, she started her PhD in Chemistry at Penn State University and career with Crisis Ultimate. Since then, she has graciously become the rock of our program, while simultaneously growing into a stunning player and fearless leader. Haley is a ridiculous threat on both sides of the disc. No opponent is safe from her run-through D’s, and no defender stands a chance against her perfectly placed hucks. She has the versatility of being our initiating cutter, primary handler, middle-middle, deep-deep—the list goes on. Haley has a remarkable ability to fill into whatever role the team needs. She played club with Farm Show for the 2021 series and played with Incline during the 2022 postseason. In 2023, she played mixed with Loco as a provisional player.

As captain of Crisis for the past two years, Haley has contributed so much to the program and put an unfathomable amount of effort into this team. She has been an influential mentor to her teammates, and our players have flourished under the example of her laudable knowledge. Despite the high expectations, she continues to defy them all with a humble attitude and a constant smile on her face. Haley embodies all aspects of the Callahan award, making her the quintessential nominee that we are honored to present.”