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University of Pennsylvania

Dagny Lott


From team: “Dagny “Daggers” Lott first began playing ultimate at Strath Haven High School in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. She joined UPenn’s team, Venus, in 2019, and her “flaming locks of auburn hair” have been an integral part of the team ever since.

On the field, Dagny is known for her signature pointing to go deep and then throwing a dime. Absolutely ferocious on defense, she is always ready to take the toughest matchups, and will get layout Ds on you if you’re not careful. She uses her height and ability to read the disc to control the skies over everyone else’s heads. Her high field awareness and IQ make her the cornerstone of Venus. And Dagny’s abilities have not gone unnoticed – she has been named in several All-Tournament lines by Ultiworld and was selected for the Ohio Valley All-Region First Team in 2023.  Anyone watching Venus play can see how crucial she is to the flow of the team.

Off the field as well – always supporting her teammates, leading cheers, and giving helpful feedback – Dagny is the epitome of what a captain should be. She especially stepped up as captain for the 2024 season. Under her leadership, Venus won the Ohio Valley regionals for the first time in program history, claiming the sole bid in the region, and will be headed to Nationals in May. One thing is for sure: no one can compete with you, Dagny (Jolene). We love you Daggers!”

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