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University of Colorado-Boulder

Clil Phillips


From team: “Clil is a phenomenal player and has been since they were young. They played on the U20 National team in both 2018 and 2020. They then came to Colorado and began their career with Quandary. They have captained Quandary from 2022-2024 and now have two D1 Championship silver medals under their belt. Additionally, they have been playing on club team Molly Brown since 2022 and have won a National Championship with them in 2022. They then made and competed on the U24 National team in 2023. Throughout their college career, they were chosen as 2023 DPOTY, 2023 D1 All-American Second Team, 2023 D1 All-American First team and too many All-Tournament lines to count. In short, Clil rocks.”