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University of Michigan

CJ Flory


From team: “CJ Flory has been an integral member of Michigan Flywheel for three and a half years, including captaining for the last one and a half years. She joined the program after playing at Concord Carlisle High School for four years. CJ came into college during the pandemic, being one of the only first-years to attend Flywheel’s Zoom team bonding sessions. She would continue to play a critical role in building the post-pandemic version of Flywheel. She quickly transitioned into a handler role, becoming a rock for the team. You can always count on CJ to be wide open when you need a reset, opening up the field by swinging the disc left and right, and dropping absolute dimes for her receivers to catch. Her level-headedness and willingness to show up for the team, no matter her health, is something we’re all in awe of and have grown because of. No matter what time of day, you can always catch CJ doing her classic star jumps to fire up the team. Her presence, play, and ability to make a positive impact is why we are proud to present CJ Flory as our 2024 Callahan nominee.”