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Northeastern University

Britney DeRoehn


From team: “Britney DeRoehn walked onto the ultimate field for the first time as a freshman, but you wouldn’t know it if you watched her play now. During her years at Northeastern, Brit has grown as a player and leader in an incredible way. Her amazing field sense, athletic prowess, and incredible drive to work hard have all coalesced to make Brit a cornerstone of the Valkyries program.

Her freshman season was cut short by the pandemic, but Brit quickly stepped into a leadership position and was instrumental to keeping the program going through COVID-19. In 2022, she was a key piece to the Valkyries qualifying for Nationals and continued growing her on- and off-field presence. Brit was a captain for the 2022-23 season and led the team to its best Nationals finish in program history. The Valks are proud to call her a captain again this season. After a successful college season, she played for the mixed team Sprocket during the last club season.

Brit is a key piece of the Valks’ on-field game. She cuts effectively and with maximum effort, makes grabs no one expects her to come down with, and is calm with the disc. She embodies what it means to be a Valkyrie in everything she does, whether its recruiting new players, hosting team events, or making on-field choices. She is selfless in looking out for her teammates, she works impossibly hard in every part of her life, and she embodies sportsmanship on the field.”