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University of Virginia

Aviva Kosto


From team: “Aviva, a Hydra captain of two years, has done nothing short of everything for our team. As a captain, she is intensely dedicated to teaching new players and providing supportive feedback to help our team grow. Aviva is one of the kindest and funniest people we know and brings such great energy to every practice and game. What’s even more amazing is that even though she deals with a long-term injury and often can’t practice, she shows up for our team every time and she still gives the team 100% whether she is on or off the field.

As a player, she dominates on the field, whether it be on offense or defense. Aviva is a reliable cutter with amazing field awareness, and an ability to make her way through any defense. She has absolutely gorgeous hucks too, making her a big threat, and you can always count on her to make a play happen. On defense, Aviva owns the deep space, sealing off and destroying downfield looks. We absolutely love Aviva with all our hearts, and her remarkable passion and talent make us so proud to present her as our Callahan nominee.”