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University of British Columbia

Anna Goddu


From team: “Anna Goddu is a force to be reckoned with in the women’s college division. She is a product of the well-known Seattle juniors scene, where she capped off many great years with a HSNI win with Roosevelt HS in 2019. Anna has been an invaluable member of the Thunderbirds since her first year. She has contributed tremendously to building a Thunderbirds team culture of positivity, resilience, and courage. As team captain for the past three years, Anna has led the team with grace, calmness, and determination. She advocates for her teammates, bridging the gap between the team and leadership, which is instrumental for team cohesion. She has been a critical part of building a foundation of trust, support and fun within our team.

On the field, Anna is unstoppable, seemingly getting open at will against the toughest matchups. She’s especially deadly in the endzone, making her the leading goal-scorer for the Thunderbirds. Besides her cutting prowess, Anna’s throwing arsenal makes her a threat on both sides of the disc. In addition to her reliability on the field, Anna casually makes huge plays to win the disc for the Thunderbirds. This incredible skill has led her to being a part of the Canadian U24 Women’s National Team in 2023 as well as the Mixed National Team for 2024. She is a serious difference maker on the field and the Thunderbirds wouldn’t be able to reach the same successes without her.”

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