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University of Southern California

Anjali Gopinathan


From team: “Anjali “Chuck” Gopinathan is a fourth-year player on the USC Hellions of Troy originally from San Diego, California. Chuck came to the Hellions new to ultimate in the fall of 2019 but since then has become a powerhouse of an ultimate player. On the field, Chuck is a defensive weapon and has seemingly mastered the ability to read any disc. Whenever she’s on the field, there’s absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that she’s pouring every ounce of effort, giving a full 110% for her teammates. She has continued to work hard in off-seasons – playing with San Diego Wildfire this past club season – and is a force to be reckoned with. However, the biggest mark Chuck will be leaving on this team is her impact off the field. Chuck has spearheaded a culture of learning, support, and fun on the Hellions of Troy. As a Spirit Captain for the 2023-2024 season, Chuck has stepped into the role of leading spirit circles, discussions about the rules of ultimate, and embodies the Spirit of Ultimate. We couldn’t be prouder to nominate Anjali “Chuck” Gopinathan for this year’s Callahan Award.”