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North Carolina State University

Suhas Madiraju


From team: “Suhas Madiraju has been a valuable member of the Alpha team since he first arrived in Raleigh in the fall of 2019. He is a fantastic thrower, an explosive athlete, a tenacious defender, and a constant hard worker. However, the reasoning behind Suhas being Alpha’s Callahan nominee goes far beyond his extensive on the field skill. Suhas has been a fearless leader for Alpha for years, willing to put his body, mind, time and energy into the program. He is a model of consistency for someone who wants to grow as a player to model their regiment around, contains a level of thoughtfulness for someone who wants to grow into a leader to model their process around, and embodies the kind of joy and love for his teammates that everyone, both inside and outside the sport, should possess for the people around them. Every player on the team can confidently say that Suhas has their back, is their biggest supporter, and will do his best to outwork them at any given moment, showing he deserves this recognition.”