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University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Sam Good


From team: “The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Prohibition is incredibly honored to nominate Sam Good for the 2024 Callahan Award. Sam has been with our team for 6 years now inspiring every player that has ever crossed paths with our team. As a Knoxville native, Sam has been involved with all levels of the ultimate community here. Outside of ultimate, Sam is about to finish veterinary school here at UTK and will soon be able to boast his newly acclaimed title of Dr. Good. In his 6 years, Sam has filled a variety of roles from VP to Captain and the impact he has made can be seen in every practice, tournament, and event. Outside of Tennessee Ultimate, Sam has played for El Nino (2021), Tanasi (2022, 2023), and the UFA team Indianapolis Alleycats (2023, 2024). Every point, Sam will go get the layout D and turn around to throw or catch the score consistently. Sam is never in a bad spot with his ability to play in any position on the field. When you get to know him outside of the game, Sam is humble, dependable, inspiring and a great teacher and mentor. Our sport and program wouldn’t be the same with Sam, and we are ever thankful for all of the time and effort he has invested. We are proud to have the privilege of honoring Sam Good as our 2024 Callahan Nominee for Tennessee Prohibition.”

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