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Washington University in St. Louis

Nic Sprague


From team: “Nic Sprague is Mr. Contra. Picking up ultimate as a first-year while the university was under pandemic-induced lockdown, Sprague quickly learned the sport and dominated during barefoot pickup games despite never having touched a disc once before college. He made Contra in the Fall of 2021 and quickly became a stalwart on the D-line, leading the team to its first ever nationals’ berth in the Spring of 2022. He became captain during the 2022-23 season and led Contra to a semifinal victory over Texas at South Central Regionals with a performance that earned him All-Region honors that year. This year, he captained Contra to a bid-earning campaign that has landed them at nationals for the second time ever. Even on a talent-stacked roster, Sprague remains one of the most feared and versatile matchups in the country. He frequently plays entire games without rest, doggedly outrunning every other player and astounding spectators with his athletic superiority and daring throws. As a leader on and off the field, Sprague inspires his teammates to be great to each other in service of the team. Opponents often fearfully ask, “Which one is ‘Spaghetti Joe’?” — Sprague’s self-appointed nickname. However, those who share the field with him are quick to mention that Sprague is also a class act, always approaching a conversation with a smile and joke. Intensity, heart, and compassion: these are the qualities that define a Callahan nominee, and these are the qualities that define Nic Sprague.”

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