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The University of South Carolina

Michael Murawski


From team: “Former high school basketball player turned Ultimate athlete, Michael J. Murawski has been a joy and a riot to play with. Generally, a pretty reserved guy, once he’s on the field and gets going, his legs are the only thing moving faster than his mouth. If something happens good or bad, for either team, best believe they are going to hear it. Although he is still young in his Ultimate career, currently only in his third year of play, Mike has always brought the pace and confidence of a guy who wants the disc in the big moments. Over the past three years he has practiced and played with Chicago teams Black Market and Trident 1 & 2 and Columbia’s own Lost Boys (Plus, three years with GCU).

Mike started playing ultimate in high school where the basketball coach had previously started an ultimate club. By the time Mike was in high school, the club had grown into the biggest club in the district. On Fridays, 300 boys and 300 girls would head over to the local fields to play a competitive prototype of Ultimate. Mike played with his friends and quickly found out he had an inherent aptitude for throwing hammers. When Covid interrupted his freshman year of college, Mike scrapped his club basketball intentions and began playing some pickup ultimate. The rest is history. MJ, ROY, the Rob Dillingham of college ultimate, whatever name you want to call him, remember the name because he’s here to stay.”