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Carnegie Mellon University

Mahith Edula


From team: “Mahith started playing in high school and made an immediate impact on our team when he joined. Ever since he joined the team, he has brought a blend of positive energy and competitiveness that makes everyone around him better. When he became captain during his senior year, he cemented himself as the heart and soul of Mr. Yuk ultimate. Nobody I’ve ever met has been able to inspire a team to work together and trust each other more than he has. On the field, he is almost impossible to shut down. He always finds a way to get the disc but is more willing than anyone to spread the disc to his teammates. On defense, he works harder than anyone and always finds a way to get the disc back in the most crucial moments. There is nobody I trust more on universe point and there is nobody I’d rather play with. Mahith embodies everything a Callahan nominee should, and it’s been amazing playing with him these past four years.”