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Binghamton University

Luke Smith


From team: “During the stretching and spirits circle of our last tournament this year, we all went around and gave season shoutouts. Luke Smith received the most shoutouts by far. A combination of recognition for his cross field back hand hucks, inside flicks, dominance as a true hybrid, and devilish handsomeness, Luke’s impact on the field is hard to miss for Binghamton Big Bear. He’s consistently open in the cutter, handler, and deep space. Giving opposing defenders fits and frequently taking tough match ups on a turn. An anchor to our offense and team in general, Luke’s legacy will carry on for years. One of the best representations of Luke’s legacy will be his off the field presence.

Every single person on Big Bear has benefited from having Luke Smith as a physical, emotional, and strategic leader on the team. Stories were shared of Luke texting almost everyone on the team with timestamps of game film with moments where we played incredibly well and moments where we can learn from our mistakes.

No one on our team would be as good as a player as we are without Luke. No one on our team has organized more throwing sessions, scrims, and mini than Luke and his incredible work ethic is evident and has paid dividends over his 5 years on Big Bear. Luke consistently set the tone Big Bear to put in work outside of scheduled events to best position Big Bear to succeed. I love Luke Smith and you should too.”