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University of Pittsburgh (B)

Kyle Halstater


From team: “Kyle James Halstater aka The Last True Hybrid aka CHUF boy knew he had a promising career ahead of him in the world of ultimate since the tender age of 12. It was at this point that he was kicked off the cross-country team and decided to dominate the one sport that people cared less about than running. Since then, he has been honing his craft, day and night, in the hopes of one day playing at a well-organized B-team sectionals. He manages to be a fiery player, while at the same time keeping the fun loving and lighthearted attitude that reminds people why they fell in love with the sport. Rumor has it that Bitt is the more fun Pitt team to play on, and the atmosphere created by Kyle has a large hand in that. On the field, Kyle takes the hardest defensive matchups, and brings needed firepower to the D Line’s offense. Off the field, Kyle does much of the unseen and thankless work to keep the team running logistically and works hard to bring up the younger players around him. He is constantly supporting his teammates with sideline talk, feedback, and positivity. He eagerly looks forward to being old and trying too hard at summer league.”