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Kyle Duffy


From team: “Kyle Duffy, better known as Duffy, is an indispensable part of Stall 11. He is a natural leader on and off the field and approaches every facet of ultimate with high energy and huge spirit. Since starting his ultimate career, he has served as an O-line handler, which does not come easy. Duffy never stops grinding so that he can prove that he is a force to be reckoned with on the field. Without him, Stall 11 would not have nearly the same amount of skill and spirit that we have now. The GRITERGY that he brings to the field is unmatched, and his Callahan video will reflect it.

Duffy’s ultimate career began 8 years again, in the hills of New Hampshire, at Timberlane High School, where he played all 4 years and captained for 2. During his time in high school, he also played YCC’s with New Hampshire Frostbite, where he played for 3 years, and captained for 2. The pandemic struck, but Duffy would not be held down. He continued his ultimate career with the fabled American University Stall 11, where he played for 4 years and captained his senior year. Duffy also played for the Swamp Benders before they sadly disbanded this year. Duffy looks forward to continuing his ultimate career in his 5th year on Stall 11 AND on a lucky DC club team.”