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The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Jonathan Sillivant


From team: “Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, UAH nominates Jonathan as our 2024 Callahan Nominee. The Callahan Award is given to the most valuable players in college ultimate. That is what Jonathan Sillivant is to the UAH program. His disc skills and athleticism had made a huge impact on UAH since his first tournament with us at T-Town. More than that, Jonathan exemplified great leadership as a captain in the 2023 season. The same year he went with Space Force to mixed club nationals and U24 tryouts. In the 2024 season, he continues to be a rock for our team as he leads the D-line of UAH, which no doubt has led us to the success we have had this season.

The impact Jonathan has on the UAH program goes beyond the field. He has a charisma that makes him a guy you want to be around. Underclassmen, upperclassmen, and the Huntsville community have a respect for Jonathan off the field because of the amazing character the man has. He is always trying to be a better person, while bringing those around him up as well. Jonathan is great at making plays that can change the game, but he has probably made just as many ‘plays’ changing lives in the world of ultimate.”