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University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Jack Simmons


From team: “Jack has been a crucial part of Skyrise’s success over the last couple of years. It’s hard to describe his role on the field as he is the most well-rounded player on our team. He has been asked to fill in where there is a need and has excelled at every position. For our O-line, he has spent time as a dynamic downfield cutter gaining chunk yards, a reliable hybrid outlet creating holes in the defense, and as a steady center handler commanding the line and directing traffic. He is also tasked with playing D-line points when Skyrise’s backs are against the wall, and we need someone to make a big play in clutch moments.

Not only has he been pivotal in our on-field success, but he has been a key centerpiece off the field as a leader, teacher, and role model. Jack has been a captain for the last two years. He is the first to arrive at practice, first to lend a helping hand in any drill, and first to hype up the successes of his teammates. Everyone loves having Jack as a teammate, but everyone is also grateful and fortunate to have him be a culture setter, vibe producer, and absolute baller.”