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Northwestern University

Ezra Rich


From team: “Ezra began playing ultimate in 2021 at the end of his freshman year at Northwestern. Having never played ultimate in the past, Ezra was always striving to get better. He is incredibly dedicated and hardworking both on and off the field. Ezra is always willing to put his body on the line either to get a layout D, or to play through injury or sickness. As a captain, he has put the program on his back, not only making sure everyone stays organized, but holding everyone to a high standard, and helping them get better. However, Ezra holds no one to a higher standard than he does himself. He is always working to improve his bids, throws, cuts, and overall game and field knowledge and it has shown in his incredible improvement year after year. He has increased exponentially throughout his time here, and we are excited to see where he goes after college.”