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Michigan State University

David Zoldan


From team: “David has been a key contributor and builder for ARC’s program for 6 years now. He’s a versatile and dependable athlete, who consistently demonstrates his ability to lead on and off the field. David is one of the most dedicated and hard-working players in the Great Lakes region, always looking for opportunities to improve himself and help develop others on the team. His teammates and coaches would agree that he is a role model who demonstrates consistently how to be successful and the hard work that comes with it. Not only does David excel as an athlete but he has mastered the integrity and mental aspects of ultimate. He’s an honest level-headed player that can effectively communicate with other players/teams. When he isn’t grinding for the Arc program, he is competing on Ann Arbor Hybrid where his presence directly impacts game outcomes. In short, David is a certified dawg. The Arc program would not be the program it is today without David, his skills and leadership are the exact qualities any team would seek in a leader. Every program wants a David Zoldan, but Arc got the only one.”

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