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McGill University

Calvin Coulbury


From team: “Atmospheric scientist Calvin Coulbury turned 6 years old this year. Having spawned in 2018, Papa has now served as MUT’s captain for over half his life. In that time, he has also captained Team Canada Mixed U24, earned a silver medal at CUUC, appeared (winless) for the Montreal Royal, and won MUT open A player of the year several times over. What’s Calvin’s biggest weakness then? Wouldn’t you like to know? Weather boy here hasn’t gotten out of the gym in years, and you can tell with his backhands soaring out of bounds with ease. Decked out in attire that’s more “grime-chic” than haute couture, Calvin’s style says “I’m here to win, not impress.” Calvin has meant a great deal to our program and deserves your consideration for Callahan 2024.”