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Rutgers University

Arthur Liaw


From team: “A West Windsor-Plainsboro and Devyl Ultimate alum, Arthur has 10+ years of high-level ultimate experience. He has been an essential part of Machine’s culture and success ever since he joined the team in 2019. He is the most well-rounded player on Machine. He will thrive in any position he is put into, at the highest level. He started his career as mainly a D-Line handler, creating break opportunities with his high motor and jaw-dropping bids. But over the years he has evolved into an unguardable cutter. He is always someone to look for when a big play is needed, to shoot it deep, come down with a huck, or get a huge block. Not to mention he’ll play some of the best 1 on 1 defense on your team’s best player.

He is also one of the best leaders on and off the field. He stepped into the captain role this year and was a huge help for our young team. He will never shy away from telling another teammate what they could do to improve after a point. That leadership has led to so much growth throughout the season. He is a true team player and will do or say whatever it takes to see his family succeed. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and we are so glad that he has been with the team growing our culture and program.
He also has the best dog ever, we love you Rico <3″