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The University of Texas at Dallas

Alvaro Guzman


From team: “Noe Guzman began playing competitive Ultimate in college. As a rookie, inexperienced player in a 2019 WOOF team that was finding increasing success, he played few points per tournament. But, through hard work and dedication, he grew to become a vital offensive force within WOOF. Noe’s an exciting player to watch, sure to create separation against any defender and diving to save possession without a second thought.

Noe has become a recognizable member of the Dallas Ultimate community, playing for Dallas Brawl and practicing with the Dallas Legion. He eagerly helps others improve their skills in any aspect of ultimate and is always a very friendly face off the field.

In the 2024 season, Noe was the usual initiation cutter for the WOOF offense. His chemistry with other players on the field was evident, as well is his confidence in whatever throw he wanted. Noe has love for his team and playing with them; even when he’s injured, he can’t be stopped from dominating on the field.”