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University of Georgia

Aidan Downey


From team: “Georgia Jojah is proud to nominate Aidan Downey for the 2024 Callahan Award.

Ever since Aidan Downey first picked up the disc at three years old, he has taken the ultimate scene by storm. Coming to college with youth and high school championship titles, he instantly became a leader in strategy and energy for Jojah. Since then, Aidan has only grown and is a huge part of Jojah’s success and loving culture. Since he first put on his red, Aidan has led us to a national final, 2 spirit championships, won a gold and spirit medal with the U24 Mixed team, and is chasing another championship this spring.

Whether it is for his iconic pajama pants, huge playmaking skills, or his interest in bonding with his teammates and opponents, Aidan is someone you want to watch and be around. Aidan is known in the community for being a very fair player and exemplifies Spirit of the Game. He is a terrific leader and person. Aidan is loving and fun, and Jojah loves him back. We are honored to nominate him for this award.”

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