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Zoe Luke


Beginning her ultimate career early, Zoe started playing part way through high school in Vancouver, Canada. Before playing on the UC Berkeley Pie Queens, she has played on the Eric Hamber Griffins (high school team), Havoc, Mischief, and Misfit (high school club teams), U20 Team Canada, and most recently Red Flag (a Vancouver mixed team). With these teams, she has won three Regional Champion titles in Canada, 3rd place at U20 Worlds, and 1st place at College Conferences in 2019.

As a Pie Queen, Baller has been an asset to the program on every axis. On offense, she comes through with athletic movement, perfect hucks, and bail-out deep cuts. When Baller wants a point to end, it does, even if that means getting a Callahan to do so. On defense, she is a force to be reckoned with – crazy skies, intelligent plays, and textbook layouts exemplify her role as a defender. All of this is done alongside a fierce respect for spirit of the game, as she has stellar body control and an honest heart. Off the field, Baller is incredibly dedicated to the program’s growth and the well-being of her teammates. She takes charge by managing the footage of games, designing gear, and supporting her fellow Pie Queens. She is the teammate everyone wants to have: supportive, approachable, thoughtful, and welcoming, with a side of hard working, committed, and offensively athletic. The Pie Queens program has depended on Baller as a player, a leader, but most importantly, a friend.

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