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Xinzhi Zou


Xinzhi “Pongo” Zou has been a force on Superfly since 2016 and has grown into a fearless handler and captain. From possession-saving layouts to throwing an assist while doing the splits, Pongo’s athleticism is unparalleled. Not to mention her endless arsenal of throws — her cross-field hammers and buttery break hucks always keep her mark guessing. With her calm demeanor and her iconic assurance: “do not worry, I will get open,” Pongo inspires trust in her teammates and coaches alike while she’s on the line. Off the line, her warmth and devotion to Superfly have earned her the affectionate title “Mama Pongo,” and her frisbee knowledge is invaluable at practices and on the sideline. When she’s not on the field, Pongo is literally curing cancer, working as a bioengineering student on cancer therapeutics development. With the warmest energy and willingness to do absolutely anything and everything for the disc, every day we are lucky to have Pongo in the frisbee community.