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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Tess Berry


Tess Berry (they/them) is exceptional handler who has served on Bella Donna for the past five years and is a current captain. They are a phenomenal thrower, seen by sneaky insides, gorgeous around throws breaking the mark, and the occasional hammer, but are also an incredible downfield defender.

With seven years of ultimate experience, including playing for Mad Udderburn (MUB), practicing with NOISE, and both playing and later on coaching the YCC team, MUFAbots U20X, it is clear that they have essential skills that have contributed the Madison ultimate community for many years.

As a teammate, Tess brings their humor and joy to playing, being a charismatic and empathetic teammate to all. On and off the field, they are a clear representation of positive spirit, setting the example of bringing trust, patience and humility within a college team.

On Bella Donna, all their teammates are fortunate to have been a part of their ultimate career and with them all the best with their future endeavors. BDL <34567

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