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University of California-Los Angeles

Tanya Bearson


Tanya “Balto” Bearson is our beloved two-time captain whose insane throws and even more impressive grabs make BLU the team it is today. Throughout Tanya’s four years on BLU, she has been an integral part of the team as a dominant O-line handler and a crucial defender. Off the field, Tanya’s laugh is contagious always making teammates smile especially during a hard game. She brings a love for ultimate that extends throughout the entire team. The trust Tanya has in everyone on the team spreads confidence and pushes each person to play to their full potential. However, the trust Tanya’s teammates have in her is even greater. No matter where on the field she is, a cutter always wants to look to dump the disc to Tanya. As much trust Tanya gives to her teammates, her team has even more trust in her, with “get the disc to Balto” being one of the most common phrases heard on the sideline. And this is for good reason, as she is constantly making plays and leading her team to victory. We couldn’t be luckier to get to play with Tanya and we are incredibly proud to announce her as our 2023 Callahan Nominee.