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Stephanie Yen


Stephanie “Buzz” Yen has been an integral part of UCLA BLU for the last four years. Buzz started playing frisbee during her first year of college and immediately fell in love with the sport. During her second season, Buzz was named a runner-up breakout player of the year. Her impeccable field awareness and ability to read the disc make Buzz the most reliable receiver on the field. As her teammates say, she’s impossible to overthrow. With her unmatched speed, Buzz makes it look easy as she runs into the end zone, leaving her defender in the dust again and again. Not only is she an unstoppable threat on offense, but on defense, she fights for every disc. With her remarkable hand-blocks, kick-blocks, run-though-Ds, defensive positioning, and skies, she generates countless turns. Buzz’s dedication to the team shows through her constant support of her teammates, especially younger players, and passion for learning and improving. Her enthusiasm and love for frisbee make Buzz a natural leader on the team. She truly believes that “frisbee is so fun” and wants everyone around her to love it as much as she does.

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