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Sowmya Ragothaman


Senior Sowmya Ragothaman is graduating from the University of Kansas this spring with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree and a minor in economics. Formerly president and captaining since junior year on the Bettys, Sowmya is an integral part of our team. Joining Betty at the end of an era of nationally recognized players, Sowmya learned from the best and has been a driving force in building our team back to that level. As a hybrid on the offensive line, she knows how to give direction both on and off the field, creating plays and guiding our next generation of players to success. With her field awareness, quick thinking, agility and endurance, Sowmya makes big plays look easy. Her huge step outs and lefty backhands make her nearly impossible to mark, though she is perhaps best known for her fun and flirty dance moves. Sowmya was also on the All-Freshman team for the South-Central region in 2017, and has played club for Houston Inferno and Kansas City Wicked. We will miss her derpy smile and her warm hugs.