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Carnegie Mellon

Shani Rosenthal


Shani started playing her freshman year of college after being inspired by her sister who played at Dartmouth. Her passion for the sport grew, and she went on to play for Suffrage in D.C. her freshman summer and became the assistant captain to the Money Mellons her sophomore year. She then went on to become the captain of our team for both her junior and senior years and has led the Mellons to great success, including growing the program enough to be able to split into an A and B team (not everyone can claim that can they haha!)

Shani played on Hot Metal her junior summer and is continually involved in the ultimate community in Pittsburgh. She coaches the YCC girls’ team Moxie as well as a high school girls’ team in the area. Her passion for ultimate is unmatched on the team (shown by her excessive workout regimen she keeps the team on #sadbutgood). She has gone through many nicknames, including Shank, Shawnee, Immature Pepper, the Wall. On the field, Shani is known for her dime hucks and monster skies which the team really appreciates! She even occasionally lays out for us if she’s in the mood.

Outside of ultimate, she does nothing, jk she has a life outside of ultimate(?) She is a certified personal trainer for nice old grandmas and is looking to become a certified physical therapist after going through ankle surgery her senior year. Her other passions include watching cat videos online and listening to Taylor Swift (old Taylor not new Taylor #duh) and crying because it is too cold outside #pittsburgh

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