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Carnegie Mellon University

Sara Liang


Sara Liang has been an incredible player for the Money Mellons over the past four years and served as captain for the past three. Throughout her long ultimate career, Sara has earned the respect of those around her (especially when wearing her Hello Kitty shoes), and most recently was recognized in her call up to the 2023 U24 Mixed National Team.

When playing, Sara brings a calm composure and uncanny ability to single-handedly run games. While her on-field skills would be invaluable to any team, the ultimate reason why we all love her so much is her incredible humility and kindness. Sara is a fantastic friend and mentor to everyone on the team, and always sets a great example of what good spirit looks like.

We consider ourselves unbelievably lucky to have been a small part of her ultimate career and can’t wait to see her continue to shine in years to come.

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