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Western Washington University

Samiya Ismail


Samiya Ismail always brings the energy. She shouts herself hoarse, always leading cheers in games and practices. When she is in full sprint, you will know. Her dance moves are simply a force to be reckoned with, and her humor will have you on the ground. And still for all that power and energy, her throws have the most delicate touch that place them perfectly in the hands of the moving cutter. Her footwork keeps her in precise defensive position. Samiya is like the sweet and salty granola bar of ultimate. She’s everything you need her to be, as a captain and a friend, somehow all at once, in the perfectly balanced blend that leaves you feeling nothing short of excitement. For everything she brings on the field, she is also in it for everyone off the field. Samiya is always leading by example in what it looks like to support everyone, especially folks from intersecting marginalized identities, and unapologetically stands for what is right. Quite honestly, the world could use a few more Samiya Ismails. Let’s show her the love she deserves.