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California-San Diego

Samantha Wool


Samantha “Khaso” Wool started her ultimate career on a whim and hasn’t looked back since. From the beginning, she’s fully immersed herself into the sport and ultimate community. In addition to captaining UCSD womxn’s team in the 2020 season, she’s supported and developed both club and professional womxn’s teams San Diego Wolfpack and LA Rampage. Khaso also spearheaded UCSD’s name change this last year to D-Co Womxn’s ultimate, supporting the diversity and inclusivity of the ultimate community.

Don’t let Khaso’s small physique and passion for Hello Kitty deceive you – she’s one of the fiercest competitors on the field. On offense, her fiery intensity perfectly matches the teams’ new Dragon namesake. She can put up huge hucks, fly down the field on zone O and lead her teammates with the composure that comes with eight years of practice. On defense, Khaso’s drive gets her some sneaky run through D’s and soaring skies.

Like the artist she was named after, Khaso is a master at her craft. She is a great teammate, captain and competitor. UCSD D-Co is proud to announce Samantha “Khaso” Wool as their 2020 Callahan nominee!

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