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Raina Kamrat


Raina “Sprite” Kamrat

The Wild Roses are proud to present Sprite as our 2019 Callahan nominee. Sprite started playing ultimate in high school and joined the Roses her freshman year of college. Over the past four years, she has undoubtedly made the Cornell Ultimate community a better place through her welcoming and charismatic nature. We are proud to have her as a captain, as she offers years of ultimate knowledge (so old!) and an infectious energy. Sprite is deserving of the title of Callahan because of her care for her teammates and our sport.

Sprite is known for her amazing spirit, intense play, and unmatched love of the game. She has monster layout Ds, hucks like nobody’s business, and is just downright silly to mark up against. She also skies people two heads taller than her on the reg. Outside of ultimate, you can find Sprite cooking vegetable stir-frys, decorating her notebook, or laughing at any joke (including the ones that aren’t funny!). Some of her life goals include getting 8 hours of sleep and lifting mjolnir one day.