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Rachel Wilmoth


With love, joy, and pride, Colorado Quandary presents Rachel Wilmoth as our 2021 Callahan nominee. Rachel’s journey to playing college ultimate is not like most. Coming from a soccer background, it was not until after moving to Boulder, CO, to pursue her PhD in Mechanical Engineering that Rachel started playing ultimate at age 26. While playing in a summer league, Rachel quickly discovered she had found two of the greatest loves of her life: ultimate and her now-husband #troutcowboy. Quandary knew the moment she came to tryouts that Rachel was an impact player they needed on their team. In her rookie year, she quickly proved to be one of the increasingly rare post-undergraduate breakout players in ultimate. Rachel gracefully takes on the toughest matchups in the division and is excited to challenge herself in these moments. She is core to Quandary’s defensive prowess and embodies competitive drive, determination, love for the game, respect for her opponents, grit, and a desire to improve. Rachel is always pushing herself to be the best version of a teammate, leader, player, and human as she can be. As her teammates, we can always rely on Rachel to provide love, support, trust, and inspiration to compete at our highest level. We’ve been so lucky to play alongside Rachel for the past four years.

Rachel captained Colorado Quandary in 2020, and has played on club team Denver Molly Brown since 2019. Vote Rachel for Dr. Callahan.