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Peyton Schafer


Peyton Schafer is a badass, and that’s that. She will break whatever zone you put against her. She will nail those cross-field OI backhand hucks. She will even sky you for the disc, on O or D. If you hear Peyton yell your name and point, you’d better be running to where she’s pointing, because she’ll get the disc there every time. There’s simply nothing she can’t do.

However, when talking about Peyton’s impact, it is insufficient to just mention her raw talent on the field. You have to consider all the work she’s put in outside of practice. From organizing team lift workouts and introducing us to women in the Triangle area, to analyzing hours of team footage and sending personalized feedback, she has inspired us to become faster, better, stronger players, and has made us feel part of a larger community of goofy, talented athletes. Peyton’s knowledge of the game, expert leadership, unwavering patience and sheer love for sharing ultimate with others truly makes her a living, breathing embodiment of the spirit of ultimate.

As captain of Swerve for the past three years, Peyton has led us through everything. How she carries herself during hardships, like coming out of a rough first half or playing in a swamp, determines how our team handles these hardships. And luckily for us, Peyton not only elevates our level of play, but also hypes us up for more ultimate.

Swerve is proud to nominate Peyton for the 2020 Callahan Award.

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