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Nevena “Nes” Stanojevic


Nevena (Nes) Stanojevic is a one-of-a-kind player. She has maintained a strong presence on and off the field since she joined FUEL in Fall 2017. As an international student, Nes had to put more effort into understanding the game than anyone could ever imagine. Her early opponents may even remember her stumbling through the stall count as she struggled to remember how to count to ten in English. However, this never stopped her. Nes spent the majority of her first year following her coaches down the sideline, intent to learn as much as she could about the game that she loved. She even won MVP for being the best sideline that FUEL had ever seen.

As she learned the sport, Nes became a force to be reckoned with. She treated ultimate like a full-time job, always searching for the next opportunity to play. She consistently attended men’s team practices and played a lot of pickup. She became more confident in her throws and truly became unstoppable in the handler space. In her third year, she was elected as captain of FUEL. Despite being injured for most of the season, Nes showed up to every practice, tournament and stadium workout. She was determined to be a great model for the team.

Nes’s relentless positivity and dedication to the game inspires everyone around her, even her opponents. She is an incredible player, but more importantly, she is an incredible person who highlights all of the best qualities of ultimate.