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Western Washington

Eleanor Joselyn


You may see “Nellie” Joselyn for her red hair, her impossible catches or her BIG layouts, but Chaos knows her as much more. Aside from her feats of athleticism, Nellie is everything you could ever hope for in a human. She is firey, loving and selfless. On the field, she is always working hard and holding herself to a higher standard. She is intentional in the ways she gives support and in how she interacts with the world. When you talk with her, it is always clear that she is listening. She has captained this team for the last two years, organizing our hectic logistics in a cool, calm and collected manner, while simultaneously igniting a fire under the team to push ourselves on the field and love each other relentlessly. She gives the best hugs, the loudest cheers and she will always have your back.

Nellie is the complete package. She is banana bread WITH chocolate chips. No, actually, she is chocolate chip bread with banana. We love her so much our hearts explode, and yours probably will too even if you haven’t had the pleasure of knowing her yet. Those of us who are lucky enough to call her our captain are excited to return the favor and cheer her on now in her much deserved time to shine: go Nellie, go Nellie, GO!