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Mindy Radike


Mindy Radike has consistently excelled throughout her ultimate career since first finding the sport at Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville, IL, playing with teams such as Showdown, Heist, and Torch and earning multiple national team tryout bids in the process. Since transferring to the University of Texas at Austin in 2019, Mindy has used her leadership and elite experience to cultivate buy-in for Melee’s longstanding, high standard of excellence. While known for top-of-the-division throwing prowess, her athleticism, field awareness, and power of being Built Different win her matchups on both sides of the disc. Most of all, her infectious confidence and selfless devotion embody Melee’s fun-loving and team-first mentality. These qualities culminated in her captaining Melee to a College Championships appearance in 2021, fresh off of the COVID-19 offseason and despite never having competed in a postseason with Melee herself prior to it.

She successfully actualized her vision for the 2022 season to promote a sense of community with other WNB teams in Texas and across the division, prioritize sustainable growth for the program, and strengthen the team’s core. We are extremely proud of all that she has achieved on and off the field and are even more proud to present her as our 2022 Callahan nominee.