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University of Texas at Austin

MC Robbins


MC joined Texas Melee as a freshman in 2019 and came with a background in competitive basketball. Her athleticism and competitive spirit allowed her to pick up the new sport quickly. In four short years, MC has had one college nationals’ appearance, two years on Austin’s professional team, Torch, and a year on Austin’s club WNB team, Vengeance.

MC is a dynamic hybrid player and a leader to her teammates. She is un-guardable on offense and can break the ankles of any defender in the cutter space. Not only is she a reliable receiver, but she can also facilitate movement in the backfield and throw dimes consistently. The complete triple-threat, she also regularly generates D’s through layouts, run-throughs, and skies.

MC’s playing is not the only thing that she has contributed to the ultimate community. For the past two years, she was the lead organizer of the nation’s largest collegiate WNB tournament, Centex. MC’s leadership carried on the legacy of the iconic tournament that provides unparalleled opportunities to WNB players in the South Central region and across the country.

Aside from frisbee, MC is learning how to skateboard and loves ice cream.