College Championships Submit a Nomination


Maya Fein-Cole


What’s up powerhouse in the air?! Maya is hands down one of the smartest cutters in the league. Maya’s resilience, dedication to her athleticism, and care for this team are inspiring and invaluable.

She’s a saucy defender, has some seriously sticky fingers and killer hops. She takes a basketball background (what a hooper) and flawlessly transferred it into the sport of ultimate. Her sheer determination and field awareness make her one of the most threatening players on our team.

Off the field, she is a literal joy to be around and is one of the most amazing people on our team. From her research trips to Siri Lanka to her knowledge of trains to her knowledge on most things frisbee, Maya can talk to anyone and make them feel welcome.

We have loved every second of being with Maya and think she deserves this like no one else!