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Margo Urheim


Margo Urheim is the real deal.

She is a born leader, the Ewo’s hype-woman and an all out baller. From her first tournament with the ‘wo, it was clear that Margo was a playmaker. However, over the past four years, she has proven time and time again to the team, to our coaches and to the world that she has no ceiling. She will get open no matter what defense is thrown at her, she will hit her teammates deep with the perfect huck every time and she will always, always sky you. However, it is not just the big plays that make Margo so special. What stands out most about “Goldie” is her intense drive to be the best player on the field and to motivate each of her teammates to do the same, all the while cultivating a team culture that inspires mutual respect, hard work and a love for the sport.

Margo works hard and dreams big.

She’ll beat you in a track workout and then cheer you on as you finish; she’ll break your mark in a scrimmage and then tell you how to stop her next time; and she’ll set big goals for herself and encourage you to do the same. Margo leads through example, pushes her teammates to be better and is the spark which ignited the fire that was Ewo 2020.

All this, and so much more, is why the Ewo are proud to present Margo Urheim as our 2020 Callahan Nominee.

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