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University of California-Davis

Margo Donahue


Growing up playing multiple sports and captaining her high school cross-country team, Margo Donahue has always been a hardworking, competitive athlete. She began playing ultimate in 2015 and it was love at first sight. Ever since then, she’s continued to bring joy to both her teammates and opponents.
Last year, Margo captained Rogue to Nationals for the second time in fifteen years, leading with her positive energy and competitive spirit. This year, she’s been instrumental in welcoming a large rookie class and showing them what it means to be a part of the ultimate community while challenging returners to keep growing.
Her passion for ultimate motivated her to try out for and excel on the elite mixed club team Polar Bears in 2022, and this same love and determination led her to a roster spot on the 2023 U24 Women’s National Team.
One of the ways Margo shares her love for ultimate is by fostering the ultimate scene in Davis. She created and coached a developmental mixed team during the summer, organizes scrimmages between UC Davis and the local high school team, and creates supportive spaces for her teammates to work out and get stronger together.
Everyone on Rogue has been uplifted and inspired by Margo’s drive to improve, enthusiasm for ultimate, and selfless contributions to the ultimate community. We’re so grateful to have been her teammates and friends and can’t wait to be her number one fans as she continues to grow as a player and a leader.