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Madison Nightingale


Madison Nightingale is Michigan Flywheel’s 2022 Callahan nominee. Madison played Flywheel for a historic 6 seasons, serving as captain for her final 2 years. She is a true product of Flywheel’s program: She began her ultimate career freshman year on Flywheel and continued through both an undergraduate and a master’s degrees. Throughout her ultimate career, Madison has displayed leadership, friendship, and a drive to succeed. Her incredible work ethic on D-line & presence on the sideline make her a force to be reckoned with. Her ability to reset space makes everyone else on the field confident that she will always be there for them as needed. She is always willing to throw her body on the ground as needed, despite being now “old.” When she’s not playing, Madison has a talent for advice that makes huge adjustments for players on the field. Her knowledge has helped many to grow into becoming better players, helping Flywheel come out strong following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her love for her teammates and her love for the game have left a lasting impression on those lucky to play with her, which is why we believe she is a worthy Callahan nominee.