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Lakshmi Ilango


Lakshmi “Shmi” Ilango is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh and a health information management major. Hailing from the southern water tribe, Shmi can often be seen water bending and is a Hufflepuff at heart. She is loyal, caring and works hard for her team and her teammates to make Danger the best team possible.

Shmi started playing ultimate her senior year of high school and joined Danger her freshman year of college. Since then, she has acquired 11 pairs of free sunnies (sunglasses) from various tournaments and has lost 8 of them. Lover of basketball, volleyball, and spikeball, it’s a wonder Shmi ever made it to the ultimate field, but we’re very happy that she did.

She is a well-rounded individual that loves cultural events, free food and puzzles. Danger is lucky to have Shmi for her energy, hype, skill, and versatility on the field. Not to mention her incredible jams.